Course ponds add value to the course, even if golfers don’t appreciate them. Maintaining a pond is a pain, if not closely managed they will build up algae and produce a smell. 

As a source for irrigation, it is important to know how to properly manage your pond. It may sound silly but ponds need oxygen to remain healthy. During the colder parts of the year when ice begins to cover the pond, oxygen is low. Oxygen is needed to fight off sludge build up, keep fish alive, keep plants alive and prevent algae. Managing the gas levels in the pond by keeping oxygen in the water can be done by using aerators. There are many large bodies of water such as lakes that don’t need aeration but remain healthy, so why does your course need it? It’s simple. Wind on large bodies of water creates small waves, which puts oxygen into the water naturally.

Course ponds are typically smaller and built on lower areas, which means they need more maintenance. Otterbine offers many pond solutions including aerators and fountains.  It is important to keep in mind that if you will be using a pond for irrigation, additional steps need to be taken to ensure water quality is up to par (haha PAR get it).

Managing Irrigation Ponds

According to Otterbine, irrigation ponds left unmanaged can lose 1-5 inches or 2.5-5 centimeters of storage capacity a year due to sludge build-up, and cause clogged pumps and irrigations systems. High nutrient levels in irrigation ponds can also lead toward turf damage, while poor water quality will often lead toward foul odors, fish kills, unsightly aquatic algae and weeds. The costs and time associated to repair damage can add up quick impacting your bottom line.

Effluent and Reclaimed Water; Otterbine can help

Scientific evidence indicates that aeration can help “soften” hard water or lower high pH. This is due in part to mixing carbon dioxide enriched waters from the lake bottom up into the water column. Application studies show that Otterbine aeration systems in effluent ponds reduced iron levels from 17 PPM to .02 PPM (mg\l). Remember, not all floating fountains are aeration systems, and not all aeration systems are created equal. Some manufacturers claim to aerate, but they simply can’t compete with Otterbine. Make sure when selecting an aeration system to pick a manufacture that has independent testing. Independent testing proves that Otterbine High Volume Industrial Pond Aerators beat the competition; delivering over 900 gpm or 198 m3/hr and providing 3.3lbs or 1.5kg or oxygen per horsepower hour.

Wolf Creek would be happy to help you find the best fountain for your pond. Contact us with any questions.

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