For homeowners, drainage isn’t usually on their minds. It isn’t a service they typically seek out, unless they are having issues with water damage to their home. Drainage is an easy up-sell. It’s that service that helps you with your bottom line and helps the customer with their landscape. The trick is, they don’t know it yet, so you’re going to have to sell it to them!

In Our Area, No Drainage Leads to Problems

Pooling water in a homeowner’s yard is never a wanted thing. In many cases the water rolls down from a neighbor’s yard and resides in the lower lying space along the property line. As most people know, too much water is deadly to many plants. And, it makes a wet, muddy mess. This is a problem you can resolve before the mosquitoes return in the spring.

Poor drainage can show its results slowly:

  • rotting wood
  • crumbling walls
  • choking plants
  • flooding basements

These and more are all ways that drainage can do damage to your client’s home. As long as mother nature is giving us her best with the rain and snow, drainage is a necessary service, and one you can offer!

New Tools

The principles of drainage are very simple: water flows down hill and use the best modern drainage technology. The oldest drainage techniques still have merit, but time and experience have lead us to modern solutions. Even today, there are tricks and tips to make application easier and successful.  And, as always, Wolf Creek Co. warehouses are stocked with product and people ready to help.

Today there are several new products to ease the hassle of excess water. Often drainage jobs can be tied in with water features and rain water harvesting systems. With the proper equipment, excess water can not only go away, but become a useful part of living spaces.

Brush Up or Learn How

With the proper tools, water vanishes from a property, making your clients’¬†life easier.

Drainage is a great service to offer because most yards could use it. Learn more about these products and more at your local Wolf Creek location. Wolf Creek works hard to help our customer’s strengthen their business. If you’re unfamiliar with drainage work or would like a refresh course, Wolf Creek offers online and on-site classes. Click here to join our online portal or here to register for a drainage class near you.

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